Astral Projection: Hypnosis Induced Astral Travel Techniques

Astral projection occurs when you consciously separate your soul or astral body from your physical body. Your consciousness goes with the astral body. Its difference with an out-of body experience is that astral projection leaves the body with a conscious intent and can last as long as you want it to.

When you astral travel, your body is left behind in the physical world, functioning as normally as it would otherwise. A silver cord (which attaches your physical body to the astral body) keeps you connected. In an event the silver cord is severed, you die and your soul continues to its next destination.

Astral projection is not the same as dreaming. Everything is in real life and time, that is you are in your room or where you laid down to do it. Any beings you encounter are real and simply living on the astral plane as opposed to the Prime Material plane, as it’s called.

There are so many things to do while astral projecting including:

  • Helping lost souls find their way to the after-life
  • Find peace of mind knowing there is more to life that most assume.
  • Going back in time
  • Problem solving and dream manifesting
  • Lucid dream architecture
  • Travelling and exploring the universe

In Astral Projection: Hypnosis Induced Astral Travel Techniques, number-one best-selling spirtual author Craig Beck reveals the secrets behind achieving possibly the most profound and paradime changing event of your life.



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